Saturday, December 17, 2005

Road Kill

Does this really look like road kill? I made a chemo cap for dear friend. We laughed and laughed as she tried it on. Yep... she looked like she had a dead gravel splatted rat on her had. And she tells me she wears it anyway. I bet she does.

Orchid Pi Shawl

It's off the needles and on the floor ready for dropped stitch inspection. So far so good. Trouble is the grandson thinks it's a rug. Does it really look that bad? Maybe it will be better after it's blocked. But first I must cue up for parking space so I can purchase blocking pins... hmmm might be after the holiday.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Where Did She Go?

Hmmmm it's December 14th. Only 10 shopping days left. Is she shopping???? Nah, she's too busy playing with red hats and grandson. Will she shop this year? After spending 45 minutes to make two trips around the shopping center looking for a place to park... not likely. Someone said that the stores are having a tough time this year because of all the online shopping. Not in my neighborhood.

Just thought I'd put a little something here because Big Brother thought I fell off the planet or something like that.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


In response to some comments in the Knitting Curmudgeon Blog:

OK OK I sit and knit
And often work on getting fit
But when I'm done
I have some fun
Doing things that matter

So knitters please don't judge me
For sipping special teas
My hats are red
But I'm not dead
And purple shawls still flatter.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Ok, I own 40 some red hats. Then along comes the Dickens Fair. I don't have an appropriate hat for this occasion. I don't have hoop skirts or corsetized frocks. So I did the best I could with what I have. Didn't matter anyway, because I'm a red hatter and I can do as I please. And so be it... off to the Dickens Fair I went. Indeed there was a maze of London treats, tidbits and toddies amongst a crowd of Londonites attired in their very best finery. Go there in costume, or not. It's a great adventure back in time.

Temperance Pennington, Scribbler.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Just Call me Temperance

For the duration of my visit to the Dickens Christmas Fair, I shall assume the name of Temperance Pennington for my role in the Timegames

My occupation: Scribler (a minor and worthless author)

I must remember when I take tea: It is rude to take knife and fork in hand and commence drumming on the table while you are waiting. Eccentricity should be avoided as much as possible at the table. Oooooooooo this won't be an easy role.

TP, aka MZ

I Want I Want I Want I Need

I need these Dr Martens Must I explain why?

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Happy Birthday

We had a birthday this week. A whole year has gone by.

Next up... Trick or Treating.

Monday, October 24, 2005

I Need to Eat What????

I don't want to. Milk... yuck... not unless I can have it in my Nonfat Cafe Latte. Fruit... hmmm apple pie... does that count? Veggies... ok I can handle that. Maybe I should just exercise more. Get your pyramid here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

In Her Shoes

I don't do movie critiques but here I digress. Four of us red hatters opted to go to the movies instead of shopping this weekend. I know, that's hard to believe. Anyway, we ended up seeing "In Her Shoes." This movie has an average rating of "B". That's OK. I would probably give it a comparable grade.

Here's the scoop. I don't cry at movies. I never cry at movies. I don't even take tissues to the movies (unless I have a cold which I happen to have had this weekend). Half way into the movies, the sniffles begin. I look at my neighbor. "It's just my cold," I whisper. She has her tissues out. She hands one my direction and sends the package off to the other two on her right. She offers them to the sniffling ladies behind us. Allright already. So I cried. All four of us cried. Two or three tissues later, we laughed so hard we cried again.

My take on it... go see the movie and find out for yourself.


A note to Spammers who have left comments in my blog:

I will not be clicking on your links to purchase your insurance, big people toys, or your great grandma's wooden teeth. My readers are smart enough NOT to click on your links either so don't bother leaving those tracks. Even if it is true that you have bookmarked my weblog because you enjoy reading about knitting, babies and old ladies wearing red hats, we won't be tempted to visit your site.

Will I remove my comments feature? Not at the moment because there are people I care about who like to leave a comment once in a while. For now, a verification word is required. At least that eliminates the robots.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


I escaped again... Razzle Dazzle

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Still "Momming It"

Yep... grandma is still being mom to 2 1/2 year old. What a week. I totally sympathize with fulltime working moms now. Ooooo and that daycare is expensive...ouch there goes my play money. Oh well.

I must say I was so tired yesterday that when I went to get my haircut, the hairdresser asks me, "what side do you part your hair on," and I couldn't even tell her. Fortunately I did manage to stay awake long enough to avoid purple highlights and spikes (she wouldn't really do that would she?).

Confession... some of us red hatters been following Tom Rigney around the bay area. Can't get enough of that music. Hey, I may be playing Mom but I still get a break right? So here I am out last nite with 3 red hatter friends. We were incognito...i.e. not wearing red hats. Halfway through the evening, Tom looks over at us and says, "hey where are the red hats?" Oh my... we have been noticed! Next time we are going in full regalia. Watch out Tom!

What happened to the knitting? Well let's just say there are two shawls on the needles and yes I did buy some lovely silk yarn in Anacortes for yet another shawl... that one is not on the needles yet. As long as I am taking on the toddler it looks like these shawls will remain on the needles for a long long time. Oh well.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Traveling with Terrible Twos

Grandma and Grandpa and getting too old to travel with a two year old. At least we took time to smell the roses. And now we are home and settling back into our normal routine. Next chapter... Grandma tries to remember how to potty train so she's off to the AARP Grandparents Raising Grandchildren website and maybe a visit to She needs all the help she can get. For Little J's view of the trip see this

Sunday, September 18, 2005

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

A room with a view
Warm sunny day
Good company
An afternoon at the Follies
Spending disposable income on yet another red hat
Soaking in the Hot tub
A stroll on the wharf
Clam Chowder and a Fresh crab louie
A night of full moon
Listening to the ocean all night
Breathing in the ocean breezes all night
Hearing the bark of Sea lions
Sinking into new pillow top beds
High thread count sheets (double sheeted no less)
Big fluffy pillows
Huge terry bathrobes
Deck chairs
Sipping quality coffee in the morning breeze

Monday, September 12, 2005

New Telemarketer Strategy

Hubby is in shower. Phone rings. Hubby jumps out of shower to answer. It's a telemarketer. Solution.... Hubby hands phone to two year old toddler. Hubby snickers as he returns to shower. A few minutes later hubby emerges from shower. Toddler is still jibber jabbering about mommy, daddy, Elmo, Minnie Kitty and Spiderman. Perhaps our number will be deleted from their database???

Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day

Little J spent the day with us at Stow Lake. Grandma & Grandpa are all worn out from paddle boats, feeding ducks and other assorted birds, and chasing Little J.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Knitters (and nonknitters) please donate here:

Excuses Excuses Excuses

Couldn't bring myself to making the bed this morning. They were just a bit too comfortable.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


The Catchow Puursonality Quiz

What they said: We've determined that Miss Minnie Poopalot has a Lover Cat purrsonality. As a Lover Cat, Miss Minnie Poopalot gets along with everyone, is extremely devoted to you, adjusts well to change, and doesn't mind being in a carrier.

What I say: Miss Minnie Poopalot does not fit in a carrier nor does she resemble the lover picture.

Now about Russ T.
They say: We've determined that Mr. Russ T has a Scaredy Cat purrsonality. Mr. Russ T spends a lot of time out of sight, but that doesn't mean you can't develop a loving, caring relationship with Mr. Russ T.

I say: He's only scared of the vacuum and two year olds. He does look somewhat like this picture.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Keep your germs off my...

My local office supply store gives away samples for supplies delivered on Tuesdays. Today I got a Preventa Antimicrobial Ballpoint Pen. Built-in AgION technology prevents growth of bacteria, etc. Last time I visited my doctor I had to sign in and I actually was thinking about all the germs that could be on that pen I had to use. Really, I was. It was not one of these. I got sick a couple days later. Taking my own pen to follow up visit.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Too Much Knitting Causes Rejection

I have been knitting. As with most things that I start doing, I just don't know when to stop. So here's the latest beginning of the Orchid Pi Shawl in Red Hat yarn that I bought at Knitpicks. OK so it doesn't look like much right now. It won't until it's off the needles and blocked. That's part of the challenge with doing lace knitting. You just keep plugging along and trust that when it's all over, 60,000 some stitches later, it will be all you ever hoped for.

The rejection part: It's no wonder I've been rejected. If one spends all her time knitting and puts writing on the back burner, it shows. Somehow I always thought whatever I turned into StoryCircle for it's quarterly journal would be printed. Not so... my work won't be in the next issue. The good thing about that is... since my previous work was published, I must have some talent.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

New Favorites

For any of you cat lovers, don't miss this: Kat with a K found this darling link

And for your listening pleasure... One of my good friends told me about Tom Rigney. I went to see him last nite. Think I'm gonna have to follow his calendar. I am sooooooooo lucky to live in the Bay Area where there is never never never a lack of entertainment! Putting his CDs on my want list.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Relatively Resemblent

Hair cut day today.
Hairdresser says: How about something a little different?
Note: This is the 2nd time she has cut my hair.
I say: OK whatever.
Wash...rinse...snip snip...gel...hairdryer...gook...teasing...hairspray...I look in the mirror.
HD: Do you like it?
I: hmmmmmm
HD: Well I'm not letting you out of the chair until you say you like it.
I: Do you think you can tone it down a bt?
Note: Is Aquanet back in vogue?
A little tugging here and there...actually she pulls on one hair and they all move. She pats the sides of my head but the mass just springs back into form.
HD: Better?
I look in mirror:

I: Sure it's fine.
I'm walking down the street. I look in windows. I see my mother:

I'm not dense. I know what comes next...grandma:

Friday, August 19, 2005

Square Enough

Rusty says, "This is as square as it's gonna get." I agree.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Field of Flowers off the Needles

Okay so the corners didn't come out quite like there were supposed to. I give up. I'm tired of the yarn. I'm tired of the pattern. I'm tired. So off the needles it goes. Here it is mistakes and all. Maybe it will look better after it's blocked. If not... the kitties will have a new bed.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Petar and Snow

How NOT to celebrate someone's birthday:

Make reservations at well established restaurant in town. Forget to take into consideration that said restaurant might have hired a rude and arrogant waiter to their staff since your last visit twenty some years ago.

Make the mistake of overlooking the first inane comment made by waiter as we are seated at our table.

Err again by not requesting a new waiter as our waiter delivers drink served "over", not "up" as clearly ordered, along with his comment about not being able to please some people.

Not heed the suspicion that nothing will be right once the salad arrives with Roquefort instead of blue cheese (yes there is a difference), and the escargot appetizer arrives after the salad (yes the waiter did tell us that that is the way HE would serve our meal since the escargot take 20 minutes and we didn't call ahead to order it like we should have).

Lapse into complete denial when waiter delays bringing bib for cioppino recipient meanwhile asking why she doesn't at least taste the sauce while he fusses over getting cork out of wine bottle.

Further exacerbate the problem by holding out for dessert which is delivered by waitress since waiter figures out he has some sort of conflict with our table.

Actually staying for the entire meal and not walking out while waiter delivers the check and makes feeble attempt to apologize cause it finally dawns on him that maybe he is the problem.

Final straw: Taking birthday girl to see Carrie Snow... stand up comedian who can't seem to get through two lines without referring to her notes and best line is delivered while she is standing up on her head. hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Missed Opportunity

A couple of years ago I made this. Now look what someone has done.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Winding Down and Winding Up

Miss Minnie let me know in her usual passive way that it was time to put the work away.

Today, my new Yarn Swift from The Oregon Wood Worker arrived. Oh my gosh, Peter is so quick. I just ordered it a couple of days ago. Of course I couldn't wait to try it out with my six skeins of Gossamer 100% Merino Wool Red Hat from Knitpicks and 2500 yards of Purple Shine from Joslyn's Fiber Farm.

Now where is Minnie? She's hiding under my bed cause she's scared of the whirling swift.

Me? I'm off to work on the Field of Flowers shawl which according to my calculations is now 59% done. I really need to finish it so I can figure out what to do with all my new stash.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Weekend Agenda

Busy busy weekend with all the excuses I needed NOT to complete any quarterly bookkeeping work. Started out Friday night seeing Debbie Reynolds at the Castro Theatre. She is quite the character and after a quick analysis of the audience her comment was... "I've never been in a room full of so many men who don't want to sleep with me."

Saturday I visited the Fibrearts Show. Lots of cool stuff but I did resist the urge to spend money. I really do need to finish what I have on the needles already.

Can't let a weekend go by without some Red Hat Fun. So here we were with the Horn Man... his assistant seems to think we should title the picture "Horny Man with Red Hatters".... hmmm

Fun Fun Fun... back to work work work!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Purple Cupcakes

Hurry... these won't be around for long. Get some quick.

Cat with Knitting

Rusty is checking out the progress on the Field of Flowers shawl. You can't see them well but my new stitch markers are on the needles too. I got them from Suzanne.

Kid with Cat

Little J spent lots of time with us this weekend. He found a new perch.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

No Smoking

Uncle Mac is convalescing in a nearby care center. We go to visit him and notice this "smoking area". Is it or isn't it? (OK... I do get it... smoke here but don't throw butts in trash can.) Anyway, since Little J likes to sit on the bench we hope no one smokes while he is visiting!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Letting off Steam

This has been bugging me so here goes. These are my grandchildren. I love them both the same. Now, for the idiot who approached our dinner table at a local restaurant the other night... Your comment, "oh isn't this son adopted one of those abused children too." It just so happens that neither one of these children is adopted and even if they were, the comment was inane and inappropriate. I feel sorry for your grandchild.

Ugly Sweater

This has to be the ugliest sweater I ever knitted. I thought I liked the yarn. It feels good but I don't like the way it knits up. Maybe it's the knitter. Who knows. Anyway, I'll never tell what the yarn is but it is made by a company whose name starts with "c". I probably should have made the scarf that was pictured on the yarn skein instead. Oh well, this will keep Little J warm and he can swim in mud puddles in it for all I care.


The Orchid Leaf Pi Shawl has been put on hold. Instead I cast on for Field of Flowers. Note, this is the first time I ever attempted a provisional cast on. Heck, it's the first time I ever tried lace knitting. Ask me what I think about it after I complete another 30,000 or so stitches. By the way, the yarn is purple. Of course.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Weekend so Far

Started off the weekend... instead of working Friday, I played. First on agenda - free music is always a good option so a friend and I attended a performance by Echo Beach Band. Unfortunately there were few in attendance so of course when the press came around, they got me. You know which one is me of course... the one with the red hat.

Had enough Jazz so today we went on Hornblower Cruise just to see one of our very favorite musicians, John Lee Sanders.

Returned home just in time to rush off to the yarn store to buy purple yarn for Field of Flowers shawl. Yes I changed my mind and am going to use a different pattern. Told the cashier I'd bring it in when done.... in maybe 5 years or so.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Summer of Lace

Just what I need... another group to join. Yep, I did it. I joined the Summer of Lace Yahoo Group. Active member? NOT. Just joined it. Thought perhaps I would knit up a little something in lace in all my spare time. A little something? How about this Orchid Leaf Pi Shawl? Yes I ordered the pattern. Am I crazy? Certifiable? Nope. Haven't bought the yarn yet.

Saturday, June 25, 2005



Finally I escaped for a couple of days. Drove. Ate. Drove. Ate. Shopped. Ate. Drove. Ate. Slept. Ate. Drove. Shopped. Had Tea. Drove. Ate. Got home. Unpacked suitecase. Little J thinks I should take him next time.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Fathers Day

Oh, and to all you fortunate fathers out there.... Happy Fathers Day


So that I won't rant about personal current events, here's a little Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Domesticated:: Cat
  2. Cask:: Wine
  3. Wayne:: Newton
  4. Insidious:: no comment
  5. Cool!:: Cat
  6. Dishwasher:: leaks
  7. Little house:: on the Prairie
  8. Stepford:: Wives
  9. Hung:: Up
  10. Falling:: Stocks

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Not All Blue

In spite of my previous post, the day wasn't totally blue. Before I got blue I had a chinese lunch with some of my favorite red hatters. And I saw Saving Face. Ok so I dozed off a couple of times... but it was a good movie. I'm just a little tired.



Get your blinkies here

Friday, June 17, 2005


My Horrorscope today: Emotional stress is making it difficult for you to make a decision. Let things settle before you make promises or sign papers.***

Husband's Horrorscope today: You will have enough obstacles in your way without creating more trouble. Do what is necessary and stay out of everyone's way. Criticism will probably be what sets you off. **

3*** for me and 2** for him. Does that mean I win?

In spite of this being one of "those weeks", my expression of discontent did not erupt into meltdown til yesterday morning. Result: I get home from work and there are flowers on the table. Need I say more?

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Cat Beds

Miss Minnie Poopalot seems to think Little J's sofa is just the right size for her.

She seemed happier when we turned into into a double bed to share with Mr. Russ T.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

This week

Yes, I recovered from falling down.

Meanwhile I finished my sweater

and I spent some time with Little J and his dog and

I got a bag to send my shoes in for resoling but Rusty Kitty chewed it up


today I went to see Tea at Five ... look at the first picture here ... any guesses as to what and where it is?

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


1. Step off curb, body pitches forward full speed.
2. Reach for head with right hand so hat won't fly off and reveal hat hair.
3. Stick left hand out in front so face doesn't skid across pavement.
4. Land on left hand and right knee.
5. Sit in middle of intersection thankful for the visual barricade of half a dozen ladies dressed in bright purple with red hats.
6. Assess within seconds that nothing is broken but pride.
7. Jump up and pretend everything is cool.
8. Limp 2 blocks to original lunch destination and collapse into chair.
9. Clean up and apply bandages assuring everyone all is okay.
9. Whisper to waiter that you could use a bag of ice.
10. Walk in front of everyone when leaving restaurant to hide pants now soaked by melted ice pack.
11. Insist that another two block walk won't be a problem and promise not to fall down again.
12. Try to figure out why right shoulder still has a kink three days later.

I'm fine. Really.

Monday, May 23, 2005


Haven't gone anywhere. Just being.

Being a queen and red hatting all over the place.

Being a babysitter.

Being woken up at 6am on Sunday morning by sick uncle needing to go to hospital. He will be ok.

Showing up for work. Boss came in to work this morning. Said "I saw the worse movie ever." I said, "Don't tell me... I think I know... I saw it too." Yep he rented the same movie I rented this weekend. Two thumbs... no make that four thumbs down to I "heart" the Huckabees. Life's too short to waste on such drivel.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Hot Flash

Go see Menopause the Musical I saw it last April in Dallas. I saw it yesterday in San Francisco. Same show, different cast, both equally good. If you are nearing that time of your life, of even if you are not, you WILL enjoy the show. Of course I chose to see it with a few hundred of my red hat friends, all of who could relate to the subject matter. If you aren't 50ish, go anyway. Take your mother, aunt, grandmother. Take your husband/boyfriend... can't hurt to give him a new insight. It's fun and you will laugh.

Monday, May 09, 2005

RIP Norman

Norman - May 1991 to May 9, 2005

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mothers Day

Fooled ya... this post is not about mother's day. It's about Grandma's attempts to find something to consume pent up "terrible two" energy so Mom can enjoy mother's day. What's wrong with this picture?

Notice how curious Rusty is about all these parts strewn across the living room floor.

Now notice how Rusty has disappeared.

Need I say more?

Sunday, May 01, 2005


and Happy May Day

Friday, April 22, 2005

3 Strikes


Strike One:

I go to the bank with a deposit, wanting $100 cash back. The teller looks at me, looks at the check, looks at me again. "Do you have ID?" Note, I have banked at this bank for 30 some years. They never ask for my ID. I produce the ID. He looks at the ID, looks at me, looks at the ID again. Never mind that I have at least six times as much money in the bank as this deposit. He goes and gets his supervisor. She looks at the check, looks at me, looks at the ID, looks at me and at last mutters, "it's ok."

Strike Two:

I go to the drug store to pick up a prescription that I called the doctor about on Monday. Did they have it? Of course not. "You'll have to call the doctor," the clerk says. I ask if she would mind calling him. "It's not our policy," she says.

So I go home and call the doctor. "The pharmacy needs to fax the request," the receptionist tells me. I try to explain to her what the pharmacy told me. "Sorry, that's our policy" she says. "Have them fax it to us."

I politely explain that it is the policy of the pharmacy that the doctors office call them. I explain that I called them on Monday, that it has been five days, they did have my phone number, and on Monday I was assured that they would call me if there was a problem. Finally the receptionist relents and agrees to call the pharmacy. "Will that be today?" I ask. Silly question.

Strike Three:

The sun was out. I was working. Sitting here at kitchen table doing quarterly bookkeeping. Dreaming about being outside. Finishing up work. Thunder - lightning - wind - torrential rain. Uplugging and running on batteries. Better sign off before computer gets zapped.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Critic Has Spoken

I don't have writer's block. I've been writing. But I've also been deleting. It seems to be one of those times when I make the effort, I get the words down on the screen, and my inner critic kicks in, "delete. delete. delete." So here it is, the first lines only... the inner critic has spoken

Never take a two year old hiking farther than you are capable of carrying him back... are you stupid or what?

I couldn't get out of bed Sunday morning because... who cares?

The new pope zings rats?... don't go there

I went to see Guantanomo Saturday night... too sad, too political, skip this one, there's not enough Kleenex

We are having a denial party so I just had to buy that pink hat with the extra wide brim... enough with the red hat tales

That uncomfortable feeling, the same uncomfortable feeling I felt 29 years ago when I took my son to a certain local nursery school, resurfaced when I took his son there for the open house this weekend... just don't go there

My youngest son turned 30, half the age of my husband... enough whining

Remember when April used to have Secretary's Day? Now it is Office Administrator Day... get with the times lady

We have a new parking attendant in front of our local drug store... be nice to him and write the story later

If my son's wife has a baby but it's not his and they are getting a divorce, does that make me a grandma again?... whoa, this is way too complicated

I should be knitting... good idea

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Sometimes You Just Don't Know

I was out walking today, enjoying the bright high noon sunshine with a good friend. She had to make a stop and suggested we meet in front of a certain store. I told her, "fine but if that guy with the ************ is sitting on the bench in front of the store, I'll go inside and wait for you. I can't stand him."

You know how once in a while there comes along a person that makes you feel uncomfortable? Someone who makes you cross the street just so you don't have to be near them? Someone that perhaps you are not sure why you don't like them but there's just something about them that bugs you? Maybe it's his voice, his eyes, or just the way he moves or dresses. Maybe it's his job. Well, I'm not sure why but there was something about this guy that just bothered me.

Anyway, he wasn't there today so I waited by the door.

A few minutes later my friend comes out the other door. She waves, "come here there's something I need to show you." Next to the other door, where that guy always sat, was a memorial, a pile of flowers, his photo and some carefully placed mementos. He died last Friday.

Now I'm feeling bad. Really bad. A lot of people liked him... a lot.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me

How I spent my weekend: Red Hatting of course. What better way to spend your birthday and why not spread it over 2 days??? I just had the greatest birthday. One of those birthdays that makes you feel like a kid all over again (and I didn't think you had those in the second half of your life). Don't think I'll want ice cream for a while now. Maybe not pizza or high tea either. I have the bestest friends ever!!!!!!

Gosh, I gotta do the grandma thing again. I think Daddy kind of likes his little one.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Bonk Bonk Nudge Nudge

Bonk... huh? I open one eye and look at the clock...5:30am... bonk bonk...nudge nudge. Open other eye. Little J standing next to bed with Cat in the Hat book. "Read Gramma," he says.

"Take the book to Grandpa," I slur. Close my eyes. Listen to patter of little pajama'd feet.

"Read Grampa."

Groan. "Go see Gramma."

Little feet return. Big feet follow. Both on bed now. No use pretending to be asleep. "Grandpa will read Cat in the Hat to you, JJ." Grandpa reaches for his glasses.

And so the day begins... an hour early for me... or would that be 2 hours considering daylight savings time? It's gonna be a long day.

Friday, April 01, 2005

At Knits End

Now why didn't I think of this???

Monday, March 28, 2005


Another one of those days. I think it always happens on Mondays.

Telemarketer # 1: Is the boss in?
Me: no, can i help you?
T1: what is your position?
Me: Office manager
T1: oh, i am so honored


Telemarketer # 2: is the owner of the business in?
me: no, can i help you?
T2: do you make the business decisions?
me: yes, what organization are you with?
T2: mumble mumble.... something that resembles successful business luncheons... mumble
me: we are not interested
T2: are you the one who makes decisions for thousands of dollars of business?
me: yes... we are not interested
t2: oh really?
me: yes... we are not interested
t2: not interested in making thousands?
me: no
t2: oh really?
me: yes
t2: is the boss in
me: no
t2: click

ooooooooooo.... did I throw away thousands of dollars of business

Telemarketer # 3: Charity... I gave them $$$

oh no.... I'm slipping

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Worn Out

Because I am sick, here's a nutshell version of where I have been...

Last Tuesday through Thursday: I took 69 red hatters on the Snow Train to Reno. Since I carted my camera around for all three days and took no pictures, I'm begging pictures off those who participated. Some are on my picturetrail site.

Last Friday I got back on the train to Reno with hubby accompanied by 2 year old grandson. Fortunately we were in a private car in back of the Fun Train so there was plenty of freedom for the kids. Being the only boy in the crowd, Little J had a blast chasing around the girls. Little J also managed to stay up until past midnight both nights chasing me around the hotel room.

Not sure what was more challenging... Snow Train or Fun Train. Both were fun. Both wore me out. No wonder I have a miserable cold.

In spite of sniffles, I managed to stifle my coughing with a bag full of menthol cough drops so I could sit in a pew on Monday evening and listen to Anne Lamott read from and talk about her new book, Plan B. Yes, she's still funny, hates Bush, and irreverently preaches a bit of Jesus.

Enough dull writing... taking dull, throbbing head back to work now. Poor me.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Fur is Flying

5am... There was a horrendous uproar in my kitchen. I wandered out there all sleepeyed to find Minnie and Rusty at ends of the kitchen, glaring, ears back, with a pile of cat fur evidence between them. It seems we had a visitor last night. A neighborhood tom came knocking on the patio door. It looks like Minnie and Rusty might have had a bit of a dispute as to whether to invite him in. The must still be mad at each other. They are hiding out under separate beds today.

Speaking of separate beds.... Today is our 35th anniversary. Did hubby remember? What do you think?

Meanwhile, the grandkids are growing.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Not just Knitting Anymore

Oh my, knitting has come to a screeching halt. Way to busy planning my adventures for this week. Let's see. Last night I was "In the Good Old Summer Time" at the Paramount Theatre. Today I built a bear. Tomorrow... getting ready for Snow Train.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Reading and Knitting

This month Anne Lamott's new, "Plan B" will be released. One of her other collections of essays, "Traveling Mercies", is near the top of my all time favorites. In more than one place I have seen this book referred to as "Tender Mercies." Wonder what she thinks about that. Maybe I'll find out if I catch one of her venues coming up in the bay area. I've heard her speak before... she's entertaining, witty and shares plenty of wisdom about everyday, and not so everyday, life adventures. Sample some of her writing at

Considering my current addiction to knitting, I should have known better when I turned into my local yarn store. I should have known I wouldn't leave there without a back full yarn balls and other miscellaneous stuff. I should have left my bank card at home. But it's too late for that now. The raglan sweater in shades of blue and purple luxurious ($$$$) merino wool/silk yarn is already on my new Denise circular needles (of course I bought the whole set plus an extension). Oh well, won't be shopping for yarn for quite some time... this project will take months... maybe.

The yarn store was busy, full of rainy day shoppers filling up baskets bigger than mine. The clerks were scurrying like crazy to keep up with the crowd. So I figured the least I could do would be to offer to wind my own yarn. They showed me how to do it. It looked easy. Half way into the first hank, there was this loud clack, clack, clack and the crank got harder and harder to turn. A couple more turns and the clerk comes running over. It seems the yarn tail wound itself around the bottom of the spindle creating this twisted up mess that took three of us to undo. I doubt that I'll be left on my own with their baller again. I wonder if I'll be allowed in the store again.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Help I Can't Stop Knitting

Oh No! Now I've become a knit addict...again. I can't stop. The relapse began a couple of months ago when I started making chemo caps. And now, just this week, I finished Baby I's purple sweater with lady bug buttons.

And they I found out that pink and green are "in" colors this spring so I picked up some fuzzy pink yarn and knitted a scarf using green needles.

But I couldn't stop there cause I wanted a new purple scarf to wear today to Hollywood Hats.

OK... That's it.... I have to go knit.... just one more thing...

Monday, February 21, 2005


Big Brothers response to A Bed for SH:

A man has a dog that snores in his sleep. Annoyed, because she can't sleep, his wife goes to the vet to see if he can help. The vet tells the woman to tie a ribbon around the dog's testicles and he will stop snoring.

A few hours after going to bed, the dog is snoring as usual. Finally, unable to sleep, she goes to the closet and grabs a piece of ribbon and ties it around the dog's testicles, and sure enough, the dog stops snoring. The woman is amazed!

Later that night, her husband returns home drunk from being out with his buddies. He climbs into bed, falls asleep, and begins snoring very loudly. The woman thinks maybe the ribbon will work on him. So she goes to the closet again, grabs a piece of ribbon, and ties it around her husband's testicles. Amazingly, it also works on him!

The woman sleeps very soundly.
The next morning, the husband wakes up very hung over.
He tumbles into the bathroom to urinate. As he is standing in front of the toilet, he looks in the mirror and sees a blue ribbon attached to his privates.

He is very confused, and, as he walks back into the bedroom, he notices a red ribbon attached to his dog's testicles.

He shakes his head, looks down at the dog and says:
"Boy, don't remember where we were or what we did, but, by God, we got first and second place!"

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Felted Hat

The hat has been successfully felted!!!!!!!!

A Bed for SH


“I think we should go out and get a bed for your room.”
SH shrugs his shoulders.
“We are going to have company. They wouldn’t want to sleep on that worn out twin sized futon.”
“Okay,” he says.
“There’s a sale at M********’s. That should be good enough.”
Another shrug.

AT M*********’s:

Feeling like we are about to be attacked by hungry vultures, I veer off toward the left side of the store as we come through the door, mostly because there were no salesmen over there so I deduct that was where the sale beds are. Also because when I glance down the row of luxury beds on the right side of the sales room I observe lady with” fifi” type dog curled up on fancy pillow topped bed. Hmmmmmm… wonder if the bed is for her or the dog.

Salesman J approaches, “Welcome to M**********’s. Looking for anything in particular?”

“Cheap,” I say.

“For you?” he asks.

“No for a guest room.” I figure I know the lines. If I say guest room the guy will show us the bottom of the line because we all know we don’t want to make the guests too comfortable. They might stay too long. (Note to the guest who is arriving in March…. This doesn’t mean you… you can stay as long as you can stand us).

“Well the most inexpensive ones on sale are this way.” J heads off toward a long steep staircase leading to an upper loft. We trod behind him, SH gasping for air as we get to the top. J points towards the ugliest bunk beds I’ve ever seen. “Here’s the bottom of the line,” he says. “Try it.

SH says, “Doesn’t matter. I can sleep in bathtub.”

J looks at him, “thought this was for guest room.”

I nudge SH, “Just try it.” I look at J, “Well actually it’s for the husband who snores too much…kind of a punishment type bed.” J nods in understanding. SH sits on edge of bed. The mattress sinks to the width of a cheap chaise lounge pad. He frowns. So much for the I can sleep anywhere attitude.

J points to next bed in line. “Try that one. Lay down on it. Feel free to spend some time there.”

I note that these mattresses are on platform bunk beds. SH is sinking to the bottom of the bed platform now, not willing or perhaps not able to scrunch his 6’2” frame into the lower bunk. “What about the box springs?” I ask.

“Oh you get those too, and a frame,” J assures me.

“Maybe we should go back downstairs,” I say.

So we go back to where we came in the door. J points to the medium priced beds. Tells SH to try them out. SH sinks into a medium firm pillow top. “This is good enough,” he says. I look at the price. OK I think… that’s enough for my budget.

Meanwhile I glance across the store to see lady with dog now trying luxurious top of the line mattresses. I’m wondering if she and sweatered dog are actually homeless people out for a quick nap. Suddenly I’m glad I’m not the one who must lie down and test bed.

“You did say it comes with frame right?” I ask J.

“Oh of course it does. How about a headboard to go with it?” he asks.

“Well we don’t need a headboard, do we J?”

“No you don’t have to have a headboard. That’s just a decorating thing. You could always add one later with a few screws.”

I think about that for a minute. No. I don’t think we need a headboard. Would have to have screws for that… oops enough said… not going there.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentines Birthdays and Hats

Celebrated J's 2nd birthday last night. He's still a good kid...even without his curls.

Now about the hat... will it really fit when it is felted???? Will I ever get around to felting it?