Monday, March 28, 2005


Another one of those days. I think it always happens on Mondays.

Telemarketer # 1: Is the boss in?
Me: no, can i help you?
T1: what is your position?
Me: Office manager
T1: oh, i am so honored


Telemarketer # 2: is the owner of the business in?
me: no, can i help you?
T2: do you make the business decisions?
me: yes, what organization are you with?
T2: mumble mumble.... something that resembles successful business luncheons... mumble
me: we are not interested
T2: are you the one who makes decisions for thousands of dollars of business?
me: yes... we are not interested
t2: oh really?
me: yes... we are not interested
t2: not interested in making thousands?
me: no
t2: oh really?
me: yes
t2: is the boss in
me: no
t2: click

ooooooooooo.... did I throw away thousands of dollars of business

Telemarketer # 3: Charity... I gave them $$$

oh no.... I'm slipping

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Worn Out

Because I am sick, here's a nutshell version of where I have been...

Last Tuesday through Thursday: I took 69 red hatters on the Snow Train to Reno. Since I carted my camera around for all three days and took no pictures, I'm begging pictures off those who participated. Some are on my picturetrail site.

Last Friday I got back on the train to Reno with hubby accompanied by 2 year old grandson. Fortunately we were in a private car in back of the Fun Train so there was plenty of freedom for the kids. Being the only boy in the crowd, Little J had a blast chasing around the girls. Little J also managed to stay up until past midnight both nights chasing me around the hotel room.

Not sure what was more challenging... Snow Train or Fun Train. Both were fun. Both wore me out. No wonder I have a miserable cold.

In spite of sniffles, I managed to stifle my coughing with a bag full of menthol cough drops so I could sit in a pew on Monday evening and listen to Anne Lamott read from and talk about her new book, Plan B. Yes, she's still funny, hates Bush, and irreverently preaches a bit of Jesus.

Enough dull writing... taking dull, throbbing head back to work now. Poor me.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Fur is Flying

5am... There was a horrendous uproar in my kitchen. I wandered out there all sleepeyed to find Minnie and Rusty at ends of the kitchen, glaring, ears back, with a pile of cat fur evidence between them. It seems we had a visitor last night. A neighborhood tom came knocking on the patio door. It looks like Minnie and Rusty might have had a bit of a dispute as to whether to invite him in. The must still be mad at each other. They are hiding out under separate beds today.

Speaking of separate beds.... Today is our 35th anniversary. Did hubby remember? What do you think?

Meanwhile, the grandkids are growing.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Not just Knitting Anymore

Oh my, knitting has come to a screeching halt. Way to busy planning my adventures for this week. Let's see. Last night I was "In the Good Old Summer Time" at the Paramount Theatre. Today I built a bear. Tomorrow... getting ready for Snow Train.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Reading and Knitting

This month Anne Lamott's new, "Plan B" will be released. One of her other collections of essays, "Traveling Mercies", is near the top of my all time favorites. In more than one place I have seen this book referred to as "Tender Mercies." Wonder what she thinks about that. Maybe I'll find out if I catch one of her venues coming up in the bay area. I've heard her speak before... she's entertaining, witty and shares plenty of wisdom about everyday, and not so everyday, life adventures. Sample some of her writing at

Considering my current addiction to knitting, I should have known better when I turned into my local yarn store. I should have known I wouldn't leave there without a back full yarn balls and other miscellaneous stuff. I should have left my bank card at home. But it's too late for that now. The raglan sweater in shades of blue and purple luxurious ($$$$) merino wool/silk yarn is already on my new Denise circular needles (of course I bought the whole set plus an extension). Oh well, won't be shopping for yarn for quite some time... this project will take months... maybe.

The yarn store was busy, full of rainy day shoppers filling up baskets bigger than mine. The clerks were scurrying like crazy to keep up with the crowd. So I figured the least I could do would be to offer to wind my own yarn. They showed me how to do it. It looked easy. Half way into the first hank, there was this loud clack, clack, clack and the crank got harder and harder to turn. A couple more turns and the clerk comes running over. It seems the yarn tail wound itself around the bottom of the spindle creating this twisted up mess that took three of us to undo. I doubt that I'll be left on my own with their baller again. I wonder if I'll be allowed in the store again.