Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hats off to the Acolyte

Little J approached the church this morning with acolyte anticipation. As we drove into the parking lot I suggested he leave his hat in the car. His response was seriously funny... "Why Grandma? It is an Angel's cap."

Friday, March 09, 2012

Random Bits of Gratitude

Posts are infrequent when times are difficult. At least that is the way it is for me. I began this blog almost a decade ago with inspiring energy and lots to tell... mostly all in fun. Obviously that energy has waned over the last couple of years, mostly because life has had a lot of "not so fun" things and no one really wants to read about that kind of stuff. 

So here's the plan. In an effort to change my thought process and find some resolution, I have created a blog to look at the bright side. If all goes as planned, I'll find frequent Random Bits of Gratitude. (My first inclination was to go for Daily Bits of Gratitude but that sounds too much like a new years resolution). So there. I've done it. I've made a commitment... sort of.