Wednesday, August 31, 2005


The Catchow Puursonality Quiz

What they said: We've determined that Miss Minnie Poopalot has a Lover Cat purrsonality. As a Lover Cat, Miss Minnie Poopalot gets along with everyone, is extremely devoted to you, adjusts well to change, and doesn't mind being in a carrier.

What I say: Miss Minnie Poopalot does not fit in a carrier nor does she resemble the lover picture.

Now about Russ T.
They say: We've determined that Mr. Russ T has a Scaredy Cat purrsonality. Mr. Russ T spends a lot of time out of sight, but that doesn't mean you can't develop a loving, caring relationship with Mr. Russ T.

I say: He's only scared of the vacuum and two year olds. He does look somewhat like this picture.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Keep your germs off my...

My local office supply store gives away samples for supplies delivered on Tuesdays. Today I got a Preventa Antimicrobial Ballpoint Pen. Built-in AgION technology prevents growth of bacteria, etc. Last time I visited my doctor I had to sign in and I actually was thinking about all the germs that could be on that pen I had to use. Really, I was. It was not one of these. I got sick a couple days later. Taking my own pen to follow up visit.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Too Much Knitting Causes Rejection

I have been knitting. As with most things that I start doing, I just don't know when to stop. So here's the latest beginning of the Orchid Pi Shawl in Red Hat yarn that I bought at Knitpicks. OK so it doesn't look like much right now. It won't until it's off the needles and blocked. That's part of the challenge with doing lace knitting. You just keep plugging along and trust that when it's all over, 60,000 some stitches later, it will be all you ever hoped for.

The rejection part: It's no wonder I've been rejected. If one spends all her time knitting and puts writing on the back burner, it shows. Somehow I always thought whatever I turned into StoryCircle for it's quarterly journal would be printed. Not so... my work won't be in the next issue. The good thing about that is... since my previous work was published, I must have some talent.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

New Favorites

For any of you cat lovers, don't miss this: Kat with a K found this darling link

And for your listening pleasure... One of my good friends told me about Tom Rigney. I went to see him last nite. Think I'm gonna have to follow his calendar. I am sooooooooo lucky to live in the Bay Area where there is never never never a lack of entertainment! Putting his CDs on my want list.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Relatively Resemblent

Hair cut day today.
Hairdresser says: How about something a little different?
Note: This is the 2nd time she has cut my hair.
I say: OK whatever.
Wash...rinse...snip snip...gel...hairdryer...gook...teasing...hairspray...I look in the mirror.
HD: Do you like it?
I: hmmmmmm
HD: Well I'm not letting you out of the chair until you say you like it.
I: Do you think you can tone it down a bt?
Note: Is Aquanet back in vogue?
A little tugging here and there...actually she pulls on one hair and they all move. She pats the sides of my head but the mass just springs back into form.
HD: Better?
I look in mirror:

I: Sure it's fine.
I'm walking down the street. I look in windows. I see my mother:

I'm not dense. I know what comes next...grandma:

Friday, August 19, 2005

Square Enough

Rusty says, "This is as square as it's gonna get." I agree.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Field of Flowers off the Needles

Okay so the corners didn't come out quite like there were supposed to. I give up. I'm tired of the yarn. I'm tired of the pattern. I'm tired. So off the needles it goes. Here it is mistakes and all. Maybe it will look better after it's blocked. If not... the kitties will have a new bed.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Petar and Snow

How NOT to celebrate someone's birthday:

Make reservations at well established restaurant in town. Forget to take into consideration that said restaurant might have hired a rude and arrogant waiter to their staff since your last visit twenty some years ago.

Make the mistake of overlooking the first inane comment made by waiter as we are seated at our table.

Err again by not requesting a new waiter as our waiter delivers drink served "over", not "up" as clearly ordered, along with his comment about not being able to please some people.

Not heed the suspicion that nothing will be right once the salad arrives with Roquefort instead of blue cheese (yes there is a difference), and the escargot appetizer arrives after the salad (yes the waiter did tell us that that is the way HE would serve our meal since the escargot take 20 minutes and we didn't call ahead to order it like we should have).

Lapse into complete denial when waiter delays bringing bib for cioppino recipient meanwhile asking why she doesn't at least taste the sauce while he fusses over getting cork out of wine bottle.

Further exacerbate the problem by holding out for dessert which is delivered by waitress since waiter figures out he has some sort of conflict with our table.

Actually staying for the entire meal and not walking out while waiter delivers the check and makes feeble attempt to apologize cause it finally dawns on him that maybe he is the problem.

Final straw: Taking birthday girl to see Carrie Snow... stand up comedian who can't seem to get through two lines without referring to her notes and best line is delivered while she is standing up on her head. hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Missed Opportunity

A couple of years ago I made this. Now look what someone has done.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Winding Down and Winding Up

Miss Minnie let me know in her usual passive way that it was time to put the work away.

Today, my new Yarn Swift from The Oregon Wood Worker arrived. Oh my gosh, Peter is so quick. I just ordered it a couple of days ago. Of course I couldn't wait to try it out with my six skeins of Gossamer 100% Merino Wool Red Hat from Knitpicks and 2500 yards of Purple Shine from Joslyn's Fiber Farm.

Now where is Minnie? She's hiding under my bed cause she's scared of the whirling swift.

Me? I'm off to work on the Field of Flowers shawl which according to my calculations is now 59% done. I really need to finish it so I can figure out what to do with all my new stash.