Monday, September 29, 2003

Still Around

I'm still around. Just too busy to blog. Had 7 month old Baby J for 72 hours, not that I count the hours. It's just that when he's here, I spend all my time completely devoted to him. He crawls now. He's in to everything. He has teeth and eats food. I had friends come over to see him. They all said he should be a model... See, it's not just me. He really is perfect. I'd post another picture but I need to catch up on stuff.

Meanwhile, the apartment needs cleaning, I have to fold my laundry, make the bed, the cats want attention, Uncle Mac wants dinner, husband wants attention, I have to do payroll for the vet, have to take husband to Saturn dealer to pick up car, have to... have to... have to... I guess you get the picture.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Flapper Dress II

The purple flapper dress (that is what the pattern cover calls it) finished per the pattern instructions was just too plain. So I asked for advice. The suggestions were duct tape, staples & tape, layers of lace, and fringe. I went to three fabric stores looking for something appropriate. I opted for fringe. Found 4 inch lavender fringe at $5.95 per yard - times 10 yards - way too expensive. Gold looked too gaudy. Red would distract from the red hat. So I bought 2 inch black fringe $2.50 per yard. The fringe cost more than the fabric. The result: I think it now resembles something a cowgirl would wear to a country dance. Maybe I should consider buying red cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat.

Oh, and about going to those three fabric stores. I ended up checking out the bead departments and buying more purple beads. I happened to see some fabric that reminds me of someone I know so of course I bought a couple of yards. He will have new boxer shorts soon. Also happened to see some fabric printed with roads, lakes and buildings that would make a perfect play mat for Baby J. Before I got to the measuring table I spotted the fleece aisle. Baby J would love that Curious George fabric, and it is so soft and snuggly. I juggled three bolts of fabric, while searching for matching thread, blanket ribbon, and elastic. The thought never crossed my mind that it would have been much easier to visit the measuring table first. Deducted another $72.99 from checkbook for debit card use. Plus, I don’t know how much it will cost to repair the old sewing machine, or if it is even repairable.

Other Notes:

Question of the Day: Why is it that when men go shopping for salad ingredients they forget the dressing?

Bumper stickers: We're staying together for the sake of the cats.

Observed: Caught a 63-year old friend being fitted for a toe ring. She was so embarrassed. Said she had always wanted a toe ring Told me not to tell anyone. I promised I wouldn’t.

Wondering: Should I get a toe ring? Would you tell on me?

Sunday, September 21, 2003

HELP! I need a seamstress/fashion consultant. QUICK!

This is the purple dress I am making that I must wear in less than 2 weeks. It is not finished. The material ravels. The multiple hems (neck cape, skirt cape, and hemline) need to be finished off. I could roll the hems but ick that would take forever. I could iron on some kind of fusion fabric, but that might pucker??? Perhaps I should finish it off with some sort of lace? Keep in mind that this dress is being made for a red hat event. We like glitz, we wear red hats (mine for this event is a moll hat with purple feathers), and we love it when things don't quite match. I am putting together a red and purple bead necklace and bracelets as possible adornments. I have fishnet stockings and red shoes.

I need suggestions!!!! Fast!!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2003

How did you find me?

Interesting the searches that find my blog...kind of puts another focus on what I write - did I really write all these things?

turnip blossoms
red hat society coin purse
sportsline pedometer
when did celebrating sweet sixteen start
mix red and purple
kenmore sewing machine
teenage nail polish kit
magdelend sisters
pictures of a shat
how to sew a flapper
pink color elastic headband
polo head bands

Tuesday, September 16, 2003


The sewing machine was oiled. Completely cleaned and oiled. I got the purple fabric, made the flapper dress pattern, cut out all 17 pieces and pinned it together.

The shoulder and side seams of the bodice went well in spite of the slightly slippery fabric and the tendency to ravel. The pattern didn't say anything about facing around the neck and since I remembered my home ec classes I knew it had to be done. I sewed some around the neck and then around the arm holes. First mistake. Can't turn the fabric if neck and arms are both sewn together. Rip out. Sew the facing on the neck. Sew seam binding on arm holes and turn in. Not too bad, just a few wrinkles, but they will be covered up by cape.

Skirt side seams are next. I smell something burning. The wheel won't turn on the machine. I put my knee to the pedal and smell more burning. Wow, I sure must be whipping through this fast! Then I see the sparks and smoke... the tiny little motor on the back of my 38 year old Kenmore was toast.

Frantically I call a local sewing machine repair shop. The lady on the other end says, "oh yeah, I have one of those old Kenmore's in the shop now, has been here for a couple of months, can't seem to find a new motor." I tell her I'll think about it.

The debate begins. Would it be worth it to go out and purchase a new machine just so I could complete this dress that looks like it may be a disaster? Would I use the machine ever again? Would it sit for another 38 years? Well, I start thinking about all the things I might want to do again someday. I used to make all my clothes. I made my kids clothes until they demanded shirts with alligators on them. I made my husbands shirts until he burst the buttons. I made gifts for all my friends: quilts, purses, tote bags, pillows, toys, placemats and toaster covers. I never did see any of these items in use. Would I ever do that again? Really?

I spent a couple hours on the Internet checking out machines. Some as low as $99, all plastic. Only the ones close to $1000 looked any good. I opted not to purchase a new machine. Instead I called my sister and asked to borrow her garage sale special which just happens to be a Kenmore a couple of years newer than mine. It worked. It even had the same metal bobbins as mine so I wouldn't have to rewind them. Trouble is, her machine has a foot pedal, not a knee pedal. I drove that pedal just about as good as the clutches I burned out trying to learn to drive a stick shift (note: I still can't drive one of those).

To make a long story short (you thought I'd never get to the end, right?), the dress has been completed except for all the hand sewing. It actually fits, sort of. All I have to do is roll the hems for the skirt, the big circular top cape, the large, and long skirt cape. Then I need to find some kind of bow to place on the back where the cape doesn't quite come together. I might have to add a little trim around the neckline since I found out that I should not have put that facing in after all because the neck cape took care of that problem.

Will I actually wear this dress??? October 4th is still a couple weeks away, perhaps I'll go shopping. But then again, I think I should save the money to repair the old machine just in case I get another opportunity... my grandson needs a Halloween costume and the store bought ones are so cheesy...

Friday, September 12, 2003

New Fangled Objects

Pink, green, blue and purple vinyl coated baby spoons. I bought them yesterday so I could feed Baby J without hurting his tender teething gums. First thing I did was to toss them in a sink of hot soapy water. When I removed them, they were all white vinyl. What the heck I thought.. how cheap can you get that the colors washes off the first cleaning. Sure glad I didn't put them in Baby J's mouth before I washed them. I set them out on the towel to dry. Returning a few minutes later to put the utensils away, I found the color had returned. Dug through the garbage for the wrapper - White Hot Safety Spoons. They turn white if the baby's food is too hot. What will they think of next? How about self cleaning diapers?

Other than that I have been working on some Friday MeMeMes

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Sept 11th

Previous 9/11: 9/11/1997 I hiked to the top of Mt. Whitney. I can't help but remember the date as an anniversary of that feat.

9/11/2001: (At the time I was separated from my husband and living with a friend) I was eating breakfast when my roommate called me into her bedroom, "a plane just flew into the WTC." I shrugged my shoulders and returned to the breakfast table. A while later my roommate called me back into her room. Now the second plane hit. We huddled on her bed, watching the collapse, in complete disbelief. I went to work late, returned home early, all the while glued to some sort of media.

Last year: Our city had a candlelight memorial in the local town square. I attended and felt a good sense of community coming together.

This year: I notice that our city has not been list as having any kind of memorial this year. That's a shame. I have been reading many other blogs. Seems most have some mention of Sept 11th memories so I figured I must acknowledge here. I will not be among those who stayed glued to the media rehashing all those old tapes. I will observe the day with thoughts for those who directly suffered. Perhaps I'll light my own candle tonite.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

So far today...

Annoyance of the Day: Husband waiting to do dinner dishes from yesterday at the same time I am trying to make coffee and breakfast.

My latest gadget: Sportsline Pedometer, the inexpensive kind that only counts steps because I am beyond counting miles. The goal is 10,000 steps per day. At least that's what the booklet says. The suggested program for the first week is to not change your regular routine, just count and record the number of steps each day. Saturday I spent with the red hatters, shopping, having tea, etc. Total steps 5609. Sunday I spent with an old friend, shopping, just wandering around town. Total steps 5611. Yesterday I spent the day with husband and baby. Total steps 1600. Conclusions: (1)No wonder I gain weight when I spend more time with husband. (2)Crawling on floor with baby doesn't register as steps.

Okay, enough picking on husband. He's not all that bad. Today he is doing the laundry, taking out the newspapers and garbage, and going grocery shopping.

I've been up for three hours, fixing breakfast having to walk around husband at least four times, walking to work, sitting at desk. So far I've logged 956 steps. No, I am not obsessed with this new toy...

Sunday, September 07, 2003

New Slippers

I just have to pass it on because it is way too funny - I found the link on Susan's blog.

Go here to find out how to make these

Let's Talk About Your Blog

Okay, I said that I would do all me Memes on my Me Me Me blog. But then I ran across the topic of the week at The Back Porch. Actually it was the topic for August 26th but as of today it is still the current topic.

The topic: Let's Talk About Your Blog

This peaked my interest because I have been thinking lately about what I put in here and why. It seems like it has become so much like my teenage diary - all the today I did this, today I did that and then and then... This is not what my original intention was. Sure I wanted a place to keep in touch, kind of let people know what is going on in my life, or what my reactions are to life's events. I was aiming for more of an Erma Bombreck kind of style but it seems I haven't done well in maintaining any sense of humor.

Then I discoved the Memes and started to get a bit lazy. Some of my creativity went amok. I lost that ability to come up with my own topics and started to rely on what was out there for prompts and stuff.

So what would I do different, add delete, invent? Probably not a lot. Life has it's ups and downs, ins and outs. Sometimes I'm inspired, sometimes I'm not. So what? At least I have been reasonably consistent in putting a few words out here and there. In the end I'll probably not change much so if one is bored reading this, so be it. Just check back once in a while and perhaps you will hit a good day, a creative day, something that has some meaning or makes sense for the time.

The MeMes will go on the Me Me Me blog unless I have an unresistable inclination to place them here.

It's my blog (party) and I'll cry if I want to...


Okay a virus got me. Well I should say it got my computer. Fortunately I think I caught it before it did any damage. So who is the responsible party for sending me stuff with CoreFlood? Perhaps I was stupid enough to open something that I should have been more careful about. Anyway, it's ByeBye to CoreFlood... I hope. Thanks McAfee

I am confused. I thought AOL promised that with the new upgrade to 9.0 they were going to watch out for these monsters. Interesting that one of the affected files was in my AOL9.0 folder malware3003 . So I guess I can't trust AOL. McAfee is now back in the running - I had shut it off because it was interfering with my AOL DSL connection. So we will see what happens now.

Me Me Me

In the future I'll be posting all those memes here

Saturday, September 06, 2003


I've been busy. Discovered Fragments so I decided to participate. It's a once a week thing. My Fragments are here.

And today I spent the afternoon with the RHS Molls

Also stopped by Beaddazzled to buy beads. As if I have so much free time to get involved in yet another hobby. This is all because one of the red hatters wore several of her bead projects. I want to make all of those things.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Aging Vanities

My Life in Vanities

Child: A small dressing table - dainty pink flowered curtains gathered around drawers and stool underneath - Hand held mirror perched up against the wall - Brush, comb and barrettes and pony tail bands - Empty miniature perfume bottles, candy lipstick, powder box with a huge powder puff like mom’s, tissues and a small bottle of Jergens lotion - A lipstick and matching nail polish kit given to me by Aunt Dorothy, all shades of red, never used because Mom said I was too young for that - Big bottle of bitter tasting Iron tonic.

Early Teen: Dresser top, mirror on the wall - Unused Avon miniature lipsticks in all shades of pink suitable for young teenager according to Mom - Pink sponge rollers and plastic head bands and bandanas - Double edged razor hidden from Mom under un-ironed blue gym suit - Huge box of Kotex hidden under pajamas in dresser drawer - Midol.

Sweet 16: Same dresser and mirror - Unused Avon miniature lipsticks in rose colors suitable for sweet sixteen year olds according to Mom - 2 Inch coil rollers with picks, sleep cap, aqua net hair spray, Hooded hair dryer, Sun-In Hair Color and elastic headbands - Baby oil & Iodine - Noxema, Lip Gloss, and Mascara - Nair - Teenage Tampax. Midol.

Newly married: Lighted mirror - Chanel # 5 - Whipped Massage Crème - Heated Rollers - Bonneted hair dryer - Ash blond hair color - Coppertone tanning lotion - Red lipstick suggested by husband but never used - Mary Kay Cosmetics - Bikini Wax and Electric Razor - Super Tampax - Hangover bitters and Birth control pills.

Not Quite 40: Opium perfume - Vanilla Massage Lotion - Blow dryer, no curlers - Streaks & Highlighters - Sprintz, Gels and sprays - SPF 15 - Clinique cosmetics and a teetering stack of tiny Dramatically Difference Moisturizer bottles - Neutral lipstick - Antidepressants.

Over 50: Magnifying mirror - Extra moisture balancing lotion - Hair color suitable for covering gray - Sun hats - SPF 30 - Lancome aging formula - Wrinkle Crème - Fade resistant lipstick – Hormones - Minipads.

Coming Soon: Too much of any perfume - Therapeutic Lotion - Bobbi pins - SPF 80 - Ponds Cold Crème – Chapstick - Baby aspirin - Diapers.

His Life in Vanities:

Teenage: Razors - Rubbers
Newlywed: Razors – Rubbers - Vitamin E
Middle Age: Razors – Rubbers - Vitamin E - Flax Seed Oil
Geezer: Razors – Diapers - Nose/Ear Hair remover – Rogaine - Tucks - Gold Bond Powder - Viagra

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Pilates Etc

I survived my first Pilates class at Absolute Center So glad that there were only three of us in the class. I am such a geek, being the only one who absolutely cannot do a sit up. "It will get better," the instructor says. Anyway, something worked right, I feel the muscles already. Might be a painful day tomorrow. So far the back is holding out.

Also survived my son's first attempt at vegetarian cooking. It was actually very good. I think he's going to make a great husband for some lucky young lady. Anyone out there looking? Must be 30 or less and approved by future mother in law.


last cigarette: 1970
last car ride: yesterday
last kiss: yesterday
last good cry: a couple of months ago
last library book checked out: probably in 1980 or so, can't remember
last movie seen: The Magdelend Sisters
last book read: Virginia Woolf - Memoirs
last cuss word uttered: hmmmmmmm
last beverage drank: coffee
last food consumed: cereal
last phone call: my sister
last tv show watched: Sesame Street
last time showered: this morning
last shoes worn: Rockports
last cd played: Chicago soundtrack
last item bought: food at Oakland Art & Soul Festival
last annoyance: the mommy of my grandson
last disappointment: the chicken pot pie I had for dinner last night - where was the chicken?
last soda drank: diet coke
last thing written: this
last key used: ?
last words spoken: see ya
last sleep: 11pm to 6:30am
last im: dragonbelch (my son)
last sexual fantasy: too old for that
last weird encounter: all encounters see weird lately
last ice cream eaten: Dreyers vanilla
last time amused: dinner last night
last time wanting to die: wanting to? couple months ago feeling like I'm about to? last surgery
last time in love: 2001
last time hugged: yesterday
last time scolded: 1968
last time resentful: yesterday
last chair sat in: work chair
last underwear worn: pink jockey undies
last shirt worn: purple Land's End polo
last time dancing: last drunk
last poster looked at: movie poster for Seabiscuit
last show attended: Chicago
last webpage visited: (that's where I got this)

Monday, September 01, 2003

The Weekend Went Too Fast

Had the company of Baby J all day yesterday and today. He is growing up way too fast. Has 2 teeth and loves food. Bought him a baby food grinder so he can eat what we eat. Same way I raised my kids. They were never picky eaters so it must have worked.

Baby J is six months old and right on target. He crawls. Well, he actually crawls backwards but that counts doesn't it? He also gets up on his hands and toes, poised to run track.

Okay, enough baby talk. We also enjoyed the afternoon today going to the Oakland Art and Soul Festival. Great entertainment, food and art. Baby enjoyed it all... oops more baby talk. I can't help it, we took him with us. Oh and while I'm at it, he went on his first BART train. He liked that too.

So today was a holiday. So what, every Monday is a holiday for me. I only work Tuesday through Friday. How dumb I am to choose Monday as my day off. Do you know most all holidays fall on Monday? Dumb, dumb, dumb. Tomorrow I'll get up just like every other Tuesday, ready to start my new week. I'm going to have to do something about all that. But not until after Thanksgiving. That two day week will be great.

Tomorrow I start my beginning Pilates class. Keep reading about what a fad it is. Oh well, if it helps my back, I'll do anything.

Signing off now and to bed before 10:30. I'm going to be good this week.


  1. Kiss:: me Kate
  2. Nothing:: ventured nothing gained
  3. Reach:: for the sky
  4. Late:: again
  5. Stump:: tree
  6. Dreams:: nightmares
  7. LOL:: can't stop laughing
  8. Ornament:: Christmas
  9. Neck:: tie
  10. Guitar::strings