Monday, April 16, 2007

Dancin' Cousins

The cousins are trying to tell Grandma something. Like perhaps it isn't so difficult to dance if you have a good partner.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Red Boot Boogie-ing

So by now anyone who reads this blog must know my absolute favorite band is Tom Rigney and Flambeau. At least a couple times each month, I get together with friends and we follow him wherever he is playing. We sit back, toes tapping, heads bobbing and watch the dance floor full of fans. We think we should be out there but don't know a two step from a flamingo (or is it flamenco?) . One night we noticed that way over there in the corner, on the other side of the room, there was a small group of people, all in a row, doing the same steps and it seemed to be some sort of line dance. We started thinking....

This queen did a little research and found someone who was willing to teach a bunch of red hat ladies with two left feet how to line dance. The next step was finding a dozen red hatters willing to go to the class. With a lot of work and much patience, we finally managed to pull together a group of twelve for this mornings class. Within an hour, our dear instructor, had us doing some semblance of the "Drinkin" Bone Boogie". Yep, we got guts. Most likely not one of us will ever dance with the stars (and probably won't even dance this Friday night) but we sure had a fun time trying.

There's only one slight problem. I did drag these red boots out from the back of my closet. They were the only shoes I could find with real leather soles. And after all, isn't this what one is supposed to wear when one line dances? So, here I was... I managed to tug the boots on but in the midst of one final tug, I threw out my back. Ouch and *#@*)(*%* I swore. Ah well, I had to show up. Just a couple of pain killers later, there I was, out there trying to boogie with the worst, oops BEST, of them. Hmmmm... maybe that's why I thought we were so gutsy and good.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Shh....I celebrated my birthday a couple of days early with red hat friends over Molten Chocolate Lava Cake, surrounded by a brown sugar crust, topped with Caramel Ice Cream, a little chocolate sauce and raspberries.

Been thinking about the youngster days when I always seemed to get a new Easter bonnet and dress for my birthday. In those days, I was always so glad with my birthday came AFTER Easter so I could get something different. Funny, nowadays I would love to get a new red (or purple) bonnet for the near Easter birthday.

Now, on the other end, I was a very bad Big Sis this year. Today I received in the mail from Lil Sis the traditional sisterly Easter gift. I was filled with regret the moment I felt the squishy package in the mail box. Lil Sis remembered to send new undies in Easter egg colors... Big Sis was too busy eating dessert first and forgot.

Happy Easter to all.