Thursday, November 25, 2010

Xfinity and Beyond

Monday evening hubby and I settled in to my warm bed to watch the weekly episode of House. Half way through the program up popped an ad for an Iphone Xfinity App. Curious as to how I could remotely control my TV without an official Comcast remote, I promptly reached for the Iphone and downloaded the app. With a patient tweak here and there I discovered I could indeed control my TV DVR plus the one in the living room.

Little J was curled up on the sofa in the living room watching cartoon network. Hmmm, I thought, I could play a trick on him now. I could change the channel and he wouldn't have a clue as to what was going on. So I did. And it worked. Shrieks came out of the living room, "Grandma something happened to the TV." Hubby and I laughed as he came stomping into the room and we quickly confessed that Grandma discovered a new Iphone app and was just playing around to see if it worked. We assured him his show would be back on the living room TV before he could return to it.  It worked.

Getting back from  the distractions, House was  moving right along and getting close to the final commercial break when the TV went haywire. It seemed to be searching for channels, flipping back and forth from cartoons to DVR to House. I tried to break the cycle and wondered if it had been a mistake to download an Iphone app and if perhaps the internet had taken over every TV in the house. I reached for the Comcast remote and turned the TV off. It flipped back on. I turned off the DVR. It flipped back on. I reached for the Iphone and turned it off. I missed the end of House and only hoped that the back up recording was in order. After a good ten minutes and with increasing frustration, I picked up the Iphone again thinking I would delete the app and all would be well. All of a sudden Little J appeared in our doorway, all giggles and grins, "It's all a joke Grandma." There he was with his remote control which just happened to work on my TV too. I'll never figure out how that little trickster managed to keep so quiet for so long.

This morning I reminded him that he had played the last trick so now it was my turn to get even. He looked at me with those sweet innocent brown eyes,  "It's OK Grandma. I'm ready and I already have my next plan."