Friday, July 16, 2010

Do Not Enter

A couple of days ago when I wandered down the driveway for the morning newspaper our little raccoon friend decided it would be a good opportunity to raid the kitty bowls. The only problem was, he was not going to let me go back in the back door. Even a gentle prodding with a industrial sized broomstick didn’t encourage him to budge. I tried the bear trick, making myself appear bigger by wildly waving arms in an erratic frenzy. I threw in a few shrieks for good measure. No luck.  Finally I headed to the front door and peaked in the window to see if the ruckus had aroused the rest of the family. It seems Little J thought we might be under attack… he met me at the front door with his bright green laser beam machine. This morning the feisty little critter greeted me with this fierce pose. I’m fixin to get me a raccoon skin hat.