Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Belated Birthday Tribute

I didn't forget Mom's birthday yesterday. I knew it was the day, acknowledged it in my own way, but neglected to pay any tribute blogwise. Lil Sis took care of it and I snagged the 1921 photo off her blog. Mom would have been 87 but sadly died at age 52.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Wutz an Epert?

Halfway through my morning newspaper (yes I still read paper print... what can I say it is a 50 year habit... plus sometimes my only exercise is that daily trek down the long steep driveway to retrieve the local paper), I knew I hadn't had enough coffee. So I refilled my favorite mug and went back to check the fine print. Yep, I really had read it right. There it was, in the headline, in bold print, clear as day: "Eperts". Now, I know all about E-mail but what the heck is an Epert? Could it it be another one of those "E"ventions, perhaps something or someone trim, stylish, bold and maybe a bit saucy? I did read the article and in my opinion, the answer to the first question in the headline is a definite "No"...TMI (you do know what that stands for, right?).

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Gold Panning

On the way out of town after the KarflukiFest we stopped to check out some gold panning and found this little nugget.
We also found the perfect babysitter.


Most people went to the KarflukiFest for the Tempest Celtic Rock birthday celebration. We went to see Tom Rigney & Flambeau. It was the best performance, proven in my humble opinion by the number of dancers in front of the stage. Interesting enough Tempest did the opening act for the Sundogs years ago and guess who was in the Sundogs. Yep, Mr. Rigney. A special bonus for this beautiful day, I happened to drag Lil Sister to the Karfluki Fest. Wouldn't you know, she purchased two raffle tickets and won the grand prize... a Fender steel string guitar signed by all the artists of the day. Way cool for her. Now she just has to learn to play it.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Who Says I Can't Grow Anything

I've spent most of my early spring pulling out blackberry bushes from the area above my house. They grow rampant and hadn't been trimmed in years. I finished the job barely 3 weeks ago and now see the remaining shoots have already sprouted up taller than the corn that Little J planted in their place. The deer ate the tomato plants that hubby put in. Even the pumpkins didn't sprout. I have a feeling the spindly little carrots will disappear too. OK, so I give up. I'm going to let the yard to it's natural thing. Even if 90% of the hillside is this...Yep, that is my fine crop of none other than Poison Oak. Itch itch itch.

Mating Calls

Such a commotion up on the rooftop today, on my day that I work at home. At first I thought it must be raccoon mating season. There was such a ruckus. Plus what I thought were the unmistakable raccoon mating calls. Three times I went out to check. Three times I did not catch any wildlife action. Was wondering if it was my imagination. But, the cats were acting kind of squirrelish, running back and forth from the front door to the back door, howling like cats in heat. They obviously were confused too. Finally, I caught this little critter out in the driveway with the basketball... 2 points for not dunking it down the chimney.