Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day Miracles

I am feeling so good right now, I just needed to tell this story. This is truly a miracle to me.

Many of you know what a deep friendship I share with a very special red hatter and you also might know that she is struggling with her health. A couple of days ago she was experiencing severe pain and was prescribed morphine. I went to see her last night and couldn’t seem to wake her up. I sat with her for an hour and finally she woke up for just a minute or so. When I left the home, with much sadness, I felt that it was getting near the end. This morning her daughter called me to say that Micky was awake and asked “What time are we leaving for Tom?” There was no question that we would bring Micky to Todos Santos Plaza today to see Tom Rigney and Flambeau. Several of us red hatters are big fans of this group but Micky is probably the biggest fan of all. The band was very surprised to see Micky and even more surprised when I told them this story. Tom dedicated O Mio Bambino Caro to Micky (this happens to be her favorite piece). During the last song of the day he came down off the stage and fiddled his way through the crowd, stopping for quite some time to play for Micky.
I hope everyone's Mothers Day was a special as mine.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Red Hats vs Blue Thongs

Last Sunday Anita Creamer, a columnist for the Sacramento Bee, wrote quite a diatribe titled No red hats, maybe some blue thongs You will need to register at the Bee in order to read the entire article. BUT, it is worth it. Be sure to check out the comments. There have been over 30 comments from all over the country so far, one of which was written by yours truly. I invited her to our picnic - do you think she would dare show up?

The Molls are armed with blue thongs and ready for target practice...